MoonHunter666 Sharks of the Business World
MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! The almighty thing which makes humans kill, betray, lie and cheat each other. At the same time it also helps, saves and makes people happy. Money is the true ruler of the world but what if someone succeeds to control it?
Lurker_ The city below the dungeon
In the realm Estard, there were different races but their ultimate goal was the dungeons. Even though, you can lose your life if you were careless, it is still the quickest way to get rich. Many parties got fame and more and more dungeons got conquered so the gods threw dice and made new dungeon masters to appear and take care of the old dungeons which they only care about. Then how does a...
OT_YT school for tslents
Meet ot and go through some crazzy stuff wih him!?

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